Life Members

Life Membership of PIMHAG is awarded, each year, to a maximum of two volunteers who have contributed outstanding service to the organisation.

In 2017, PIMHAG is very proud to award its first Life Memberships to two extraordinary former Committee Members: Jock McKechnie and Graeme Cock.

Jock McKechnie

Jock was a founding member of a group of dedicated Islanders who came together after the demise of Warley Hospital.

The group sought a replacement for Warley but it was not a priority for either Liberal or Labor Governments.  Jock became Chair of the group and his persistence and passion for better medical services on the Island, was maintained until his recent retirement.  He accepted the fact that the Hub was coming to fruition, and it would be developed in four stages.

He remains a strong advocate for better medical facilities for the Phillip Island community and his support for PIMHAG is greatly appreciated.

Graeme  Cock

For the past 7 years, Graeme has been tenacious in pursuing the medical services for the needs of Phillip Island/Bass Coast, virtually treating his role in the Action Group as a full-time position.  He has been the steadying influence in the sometimes heated debates about the way forward.

Graeme’s networking and diplomatic approach to all Government and private parties, has ensured PIMHAG stayed on the rails in achieving great results for the community.  His secretarial skills and his letters to councils, politicians, the Health Department, hospital managers and committee members are now legendary.

Graeme can be very proud of what he has achieved and PIMHAG looks forward to his continuing role in fundraising to achieve the medical and health requirements of the Phillip Island community.

Graeme (l) and Jock receiving their Life Membership awards with Peter Paul (President) (l) and John Matthews (Vice President)

Peter Paul

Peter Paul

Peter Paul, our newly re-elected President, was awarded a PIMHAG Life Membership at the 2019 AGM.

The Vice President, John Matthews, presented the award, praising Peter’s dedication and extraordinary amount of hard work, over 9 years.

John has personally witnessed the hours and hours of additional work Peter has engaged in to achieve 24 hour medical services for Phillip Island.

It was Peter, when a Shire Councillor, who moved the purchase the land on which the Health Hub now sits.  Peter and the PIMHAG committee were at the forefront in driving the building of the Hub.  The undertook and provided information based on a huge range of research to make the case, and met numerous times with Ministers and Shadow Ministers, to convince the Government to provide 24/7 care.  The Hub will shortly become an Urgent Care Centre, followed by the establishment of a Community Hospital.

We owe a big thank you to Peter the team he has led and acknowledge his great effort with this Life Membership.

Peter follows in the huge footsteps of the former Life Members, the late Jock McKechnie and Graeme Cock.